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Trevor Tagg

Co-Owner West-Gro Farms

Trevor Tagg runs a 3,000-acre farm in Imperial Valley which focuses on forage crops.

West-Gro is a one-of-a-kind 45 year old multi-generational farm company that specializes in high quality forage and retail feed.   With year around production as well as large and small bale capacity. The family owned farm fills a unique niche in agriculture by supplying high quality forage products year-round at lower than typical market price. As both growers and an acting retail outlet, West-Gro Farms has streamlined the process of Imperial Valley forage practices and drought-friendly feed products for the customers benefit.

Forage crops are part of a larger food system that includes the beef and dairy industries both in the US and abroad. Farmers in the south-west have long been drawn to alfalfa because of its reliability. The crop stores well and enjoys steady demand. But while alfalfa remains a dominant crop in the Imperial Valley, thanks to the region’s stable water supply, acreage dedicated to production across California has fallen significantly over the past two decades, in part due to the rising cost of water.

According to a study by the conservation non-profit Pacific Institute, alfalfa production in California is one of the most water-intensive crops alongside the likes of almonds, pistachios and rice.

Trevor Tagg
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